Every cooking course in one of the 7 European Countries starts with a visit to the local farmers markets, mostly in the morning. Here you'll be introduced to the fresh ingredients necessary for the exquisite meal(s) you'll learn to make yourself by enthusiastic cooks.

Every following day you are free to wander around and relax, go for optional wine-, cheese- or other kinds of tastings or go for a city trip to the nearest biggest city.

On the third day we'll enjoy a nice day trip with enough sightseeing stops to our next destination in the next country.

Cooking in France

The first cooking course will take place in a small village north of Bordeaux, in the French province of Dordogne. Our chef Paul will introduce us into the world of regional French delicacies, while enjoying various wines.

Cooking in Spain

The world of Spanish food will come to our senses when we arrive at the restaurant of our Spanish chef in Girona, just 30 minutes from our accommodation in Spain.

Cooking in Italy

When in Tuscany, do as the Tusan people do: enjoy life and love the food! And who else can teach you this than a real Italian chef who always had a deep passion for cooking. I have found the perfect person, who has traveled all over Italy, self thought herself everything she needed to know and even opened two restaurants in Tuscany. She was once referred as a most interesting chef-owner by the most popular Italian magazine La Cucina specialized in the Italian kitchen. We will enjoy a good day under her supervision just outside of the town Lucca.

Cooking in Croatia

After a drive from Trogir to Sibenik, we'll get our cooking course in the castle restaurant of chef Rudi, the authority on the local cuisine of Croatia. He's a national celebrity and does wonders re-inventing old recipes and wants to introduce you to the real Dalmatian food!

Cooking in Hungary

Budapest is actually two cities, split by two by the Danube river. Today we'll be having a professional Hungarian cooking course by chefs Laszlo and Bernadett. And to spoil the surprise already: you'll be doing one part of the cooking in Buda and the other part in Pest. That's how the introduction to Hungarian food really kicks off.

Cooking in Czech Republic

Our Czech chef Michal will be indulging us in the art of Czech gastronomy at the cooking course that is set right in the center of the historical city Prague.

Cooking in Germany

What's cooking in Germany? Right, our chefs at the comfy cooking school in the center of Berlin will show you how to make the well-known German sausages, but also introduce you to the modern variations of the German kitchen.

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