You are free to book your flights on the internet or through your local travel agent. Try to compare the different rates of companies and possible different stops-in-between.

See if there are giant differences in price if you fly straight at London Heathrow (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Frankfurt (Germany) and if it's cheaper to fly to Madrid (Spain) instead of straight to Paris.

Various low costs European airlines can then fly you to Paris in France and from either Berlin's airports Tegel, Schönefeld, Berlin Brandenburg International and Tempelhof in Germany.

Remember: the European Cooking Trip starts off in Paris, France, and ends in Berlin, Germany.

Only book your flights when you have received the booking confirmation after you submitted your reservation to the European Cooking Trip office through the reservation form on this website. This way you will be certain of availability on the trip.

What's the price of the European Cooking Trip?